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Pretty crazy? Perhaps. Totally out there? Maybe. But so are True Blood, Twilight and Harry Potter.  Given the right combination of mystic, fantasy, unbridled passion and good material, even the strangest and most bizarre develop a strong cult following. And this may very well be the band’s goal.

Beware the Dangers of A Ghost Scorpion has released a live EP recording entitled, “Trashy Bullshit,” which features materials both old and new. At the moment, the group is busy recording their full-length debut, “Blood Drinkers Only,” which will be released in early 2013.

Fans of the “occult” can follow them in their cyber lair at, which will reemerge by summer’s end with more “diabolically comprehensive” details about their upcoming appearances.  Rumor has it that on September 14th, Beware the Dangers of A Ghost Scorpion will resurface at Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA.


But in all seriousness is the whole mystic necessary?  Would it be fatal if behind those masks we found wholesome “neighborhood boys” who happened to play awesome music? Only time will tell.  But there’s one thing we’re sure that we’ve seen with our own eyes, bad zombies or good neighborhood boys, the Ghost Scorpion delivers a swift and intoxicating sting, a sting that’s both sweet and addictive.  And if only for that reason we, too, advise  Beware the Dangers of A Ghost Scorpion!







DRUM KIT - Glotch

BASS GUITAR - The Yellow Electric Human

ELECTRIC GUITAR - Vince Vance DeLambre

ELECTRIC GUITAR - Professor Coyote Science

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and when the Ghost Scorpion requires,

The Nameless One - Tambourine/Crowd Exciter

Video by Chris Wysard courtesy of Beware the Dangers of A Ghost Scorpion.​​

Tale of A Real Ghost Scorpion



The first appearance of Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion! was shortly after the May 1963 car crash of North Texas rock group The Fishercats.  The Fishercats had played a school dance in Denton, Texas and were leaving the show in their station wagon.  Being young and foolish, the boys were horsing around in the car as they neared the Pilot Knoll Trail...which leads to the infamous Old Alton Bridge, more commonly referred to locally as Goatman's Bridge.​


​The boys in Fishercats were never seen again.  In fact, their bodies were never even found.  A truck driver who witnessed the accident ran to the flaming vehicle, expecting to find 5 burned up teens.  Instead, through the flames, he saw hundreds of hissing black scorpions, much bigger than the usual Texas variety.  He ran away in horror, only to be called foolish and drunken by all to whom he recounted the tale. ​


​After a few weeks the people of North Texas started seeing a new rock n' roll act playing the circuit of dancehalls and honkytonks.  This new band wore black bandannas and played loud, menacing and lightning-fast sets, always disappearing before anyone could ask who they were.  A few folks started to murmur that this mystery band resembled the boys in Fishercats, but this was roundly dismissed as impossible.  After a very few public appearances in 1963, this new group seemed to vanish completely.  Soon, everyone would forget about them all together.​


Flash forward to Boston in the year 2010.  A masked group of men in matching scorpion-emblazoned uniforms begins to play concerts all over town, eventually appearing in clubs across the entire nation.  This is Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!, But are these the same young men who had seemingly been burned alive all the way back in '63?  Why was this evil Surf Rock resurfacing after almost 50 years, nearly 2,000 miles from where it was first heard?  No one knows.  All that is clear is the following message: Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!​


Turn Back

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