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Kenneth J. Moore is President of Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates and Principal Broker of Classiques Modernes International Realty.  He is a savvy entrepreneur who has had wide-ranging experiences in several industries from the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries to real estate.


Always thinking of creative, cutting edge solutions to his clients needs, Kenneth Moore also founded two firms--Ascel Real Estate Inc., a property management firm, and Charles Albern & Associates, a strategic marketing consulting firm--complementing and supplementing the real estate brokerage services he already provides. In addition, he is also co-publisher and Senior Real Estate Editor of an online magazine with global recognition.


Kenneth Moore has been a successful real estate agent since 1997. In his very first year, he was the top producer in what was then the newly opened Tribeca office of the oldest real estate firm in the country. From the beginning, his clients and customers have found his realness and energy refreshing.


As a result, it’s not unusual for his clients and customers to call or write the company to express their appreciation and satisfaction.  In 2002 he joined The Corcoran Group, the country’s premier real estate brokerage firm, where he flourished even more for a dozen years. He was a member of that firm's Multi-Million Dollar Club and had been on the top five producer of the firm.


At the urging of his international clients as well as those who have been relocated by their corporations, in 2005 he established a property management company that specializes in the sale, rental and daily management of New York City townhouses, cooperatives and condominiums. Since then, its array of services has grown to include management not only of residential but of commercial properties also.


Kenneth Moore combines the methodical analysis employed by his strategy consulting company, the extensive lifestyle creme de la creme connections of Classiques Modernes’ Lifestyle & Estates, worry-free property management, and the innovative multinational, cross-cultural exposure of an online magazine to deliver a package of premier services for his clients that is simply second to none.


Loy Carlos has cultivated an impressive career that's included learning and excelling at all facets of business. Before founding Classiques Modernes Lifestyle Estates and Classiques Modernes International Realty he was Director of Marketing and Business Development for the International Division at The Corcoran Group. During his tenure, the group skyrocketed as the number one real estate team in the country.


Considered among New York City's most sought after entrepreneurs and mentors, Loy marries his methodical approach to business, his ability to think creatively, with his seasoned ability to connect with the client.  Loy's insight and ability to recognize the diversity of clients' and customers' needs inspire confidence in all.


As chief strategist of his own strategy consulting firm, Charles Albern & Associates, Loy realized in 2012 that his clients needed more media exposure. But he knew that mainstream media are inclined to cover known brands with little regard for the depth of talent and opportunity outside of the "safe zone." And so armed with only an idea and inspiration, he began publishing together with a handful of experts in various fields as contributing editors.  


Today the magazine, which enjoys global readership, is available in limited print quarterly, and is available through Amazon Kindle and Issuu, with regular news and event posts on the website.  The magazine is much coveted by artists and designers for its in-depth features in music, arts and fashion.  In 2013, Loy began a collaboration with Pratt Institute in the creation of a new curriculum, Fashion New Media Design, which covered the journalistic, creative, technical and commercial aspects of fashion and new media.


Always keeping up with innovative ways of doing business, Loy expanded the company to a full-service lifestyle brand.  In the Spring of 2014, he and Kenneth J. Moore, partner and co-publisher of the publication, launched Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates, which connects all aspects of real estate clients' lifestyle–from purchasing, selling or leasing their homes to design and construction, health and fitness, style and fashion, recreation and entertainment. Classiques Modernes believes in assisting clients not only in purchasing or selling a home, but in all aspects of culture and lifestyle.


Loy's unquestionable wisdom, professionalism and integrity has been labeled "highest on any scale of measurement" by customers and clients, which include permanent ambassadors and consul generals, high-profile celebrities, investment bankers, investors, developers, media and advertising executives, entertainment moguls, executives of Fortune 500 companies, etc.


Loy Carlos has been featured on CBS News, in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Brazilian Globo-TV, Selling New York and other print and broadcast media as an expert in lifestyle, real estate, business and marketing trends.


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