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​​Childhood Dream:         To be an actor

Dream Now:     
              To be able to continue to work as an actor

My Idea of Romance:    

A relationship based on honesty, trust, security and happiness.

​​What Melts Your Heart:   Animals

​​What's Beautiful to You:  

Someone who possesses inner confidence and spirit.

​Who is Beautiful to You:  

My parents are most beautiful to me.  Their love and commitment for each other were examples for my sisters and me. It formed us into caring, compassionate and secure adults. They also have given me their infinite support both as a person and as an actor.​

Everyday Beautiful Thing:  

My apartment that I have turned into a home.  It feels like a safe haven for me, and at the same time it reflects who I am. It is the one place I truly love to come to everyday, and a place where I don't have to play a role other than myself.

​Guilty Pleasure:                Sweets and treats.

How do you keep these healthy?:


By continuing to hone my craft passionately and keeping current on the world of entertainment.


I appreciate the importance of keeping fit, eating well and working out on a regular basis.  I also love to challenge and push myself to be better.


I try not to be too quick to judge people and their actions, and to treat others as I'd like to be treated.


By surrounding myself with positivity and people who make me truly happy.


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