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Peter Michael Biondolillo


Hometown:                    West Chester, PA

​​Residence:                    New York, NY

Age:                                 26

​Occupation:                    Actor​​

​My Best Feature:          My Eyes​​

​My Worst Feature:        My Nose​​

Person I Admire:           

My father. He has worked hard to support his family and provide a home filled with security, acceptance and unconditional love.​

​Person Who Has Had an Influence on Me:   James Franco

In What Way?:   


I became aware of him when I saw him played James Dean, and I have enjoyed his portrayals ever since. I admire his talent and success as an actor. I feel he is well rounded, which enables him to transform into the very diverse characters he portrays.  It's something I'd like to emulate.

My Life's Philosophy:  

Follow your heart and your passion and everything else will fall in place.​​

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