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Jolie, Julia!


Hometown:                    Paris, France​

​​​Residence:                    Upper East Side, NY

Age:                                 37

​​Occupation:                    French Teacher/Translator​

​My Best Feature:          


My dimples. I smile a lot, which a lot of people like, and my dimples in a way punctuate a smile.

​​My Worst Feature:        

My feet.  Ballet and ballet shoes destroyed my feet. Now they are reminders of the physical pain that prompted me to stop ballet.

My Favorite Color:       

Grey. It may seem sad and depressing to some, but for me it symbolizes depth of reflection and perspective.

My favorite author:   Milan Kundera, Victor Hugo, Plato, Dante

​Person I Admire:           


I don't tend to admire famous people.  For me, it is important to get to know someone deeply in order to admire him or her.

Person Who Has Had an Influence on Me:   My Friends

​In What Way?:​

The way they see me and their reaction to me make me aware of my own qualities and issues.  Their interest in me surprises me, and is something I take great care to cultivate. I am proud of these relationships and want them to be proud of me, too. So I strive to meet their expectations and not disappoint them.  Their perception of me and the relationship that comes with it nurtures me and allows me to grow.

​​My Life's Philosophy:   ​​

​​Relationships are the most beautiful gift of life.


​​​Childhood Dream:  To live on stage as a ballet dancer

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