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Classiques Modernes Magazine New York

Jolie, Julia!


Dream Now:                  

To help my sons to grow up to become good human beings and to make them happy in life.  For me, to find unconditional love.

My Idea of Romance:          Love that touches your soul and makes your being vibrate.​

What  Melts Your Heart:     Romanticism in many subjects: through music, movies and literature.​

What's Beautiful To You:      Sharing is beautiful because it's the opposite of isolation/alienation​


Everyday Beautiful Thing:

Witnessing the reactions of my sons and still being surprised by them.  The light and shade of the sky. Driving around with loud music and singing at the top of my lungs.  Coffee. And profound conversations with friends over coffee, at a cafe or a retro setting.


Guilty Pleasure:     Chocolate/French Fries

How Do You Keep These Healthy:   Running, Swimming, Yoga when time permits

Mind:          Meditation, Reading, Solace, Writing​

​Body:        Yoga, Stretching, Running

Heart:​       Jogging, Yoga


Soul:  find peace in philosophy and psychology, both of which make me strive to reach higher and do better.





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