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Silberstang Lasky Architects believe every project requires a unique solution responding to each client’s specific needs, program, budget and site,” says Arthur Lasky, a principal at Silberstang Lasky Architects, P.C.


“In our residential work, that usually means talking to all the members of a family and spending time with them watching how they actually live.”  The results in the West Village townhouse pictured here, bear out the validity of the process. The family had lived in the 150-year-old townhouse for decades and their needs had changed. But they also loved the feel of the history of the old brick house, even though there were functional and spatial challenges.  


Lasky designed a two-story addition for the rear, which brings light into the back of the house with generous windows that allow viewing into the redesigned garden. The garden went from being an overgrown, cold mess to a well-proportioned light dappled landscape with delightful prospects in a minimal space. The mathematician and physicist couple each needed separate studies but delighted in having the garden level basement opened up as a floor-through-kitchen-dining room for accommodating the frequent return of their two grown children and the inevitable holiday gatherings with friends and colleagues. The space evokes the best of loft living, while merging seamlessly both modern and historical styles. The master suite preserved the bedroom’s wood-burning fireplace and added a new bathroom with a reclaimed wood floor. The suite connects to a graceful study that leads out to a 3rd floor terrace which provides another view of the serene garden.   


The firm’s skill at blending the outside with the inside is also shown here in a Hampton’s Pool House, and a Bedford Country Home and Garden.




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