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​​My Life's Philosophy: Do what you love and do it often. Be open to opportunities because they will make you learn about yourself and will unpeel other opportunities that may bring you join and hapiness.

Childhood dream: Become a professional baseball player.
Dream now:  To become an entrepreneur Network Designer.

My idea of Romance:  A dinner, dim lights, and wine, and the company of an amorous woman who knows my ins and outs and deserves my respect and affection.   
What melts my heart:  Romantic music and the poems of the e.e cummings of the world.

What is beautiful to me: People who are friendly and humble.

Everyday beautiful thing: The sky.

Guilty pleasure: I will tell you that one later.
How I keep these healthy:
Mind:  I try not to over indulge myself in past experiences.
Body: By exercising 3 times a week and being a die-hard baseball/softball player during the Spring and Summer.

Heart:  Ahhh… I listen to music or go to the field.

Soul:  Alone time.



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