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Dream now:  I still dream of the day I have my own family. But for now I dream of continuing my education in psychology and eventually graduate with a doctorate degree.

My idea of Romance: Wrapping yourself in a blanket, holding the person you love while looking at the stars.

What melts my heart:  Elderly persons who are still very much in love...and babies.  

What is beautiful to me: The stars on a clear night.


Who is beautiful to me: Children

Everyday beautiful thing: Waking up in the morning

Guilty pleasure: Potato chips

How do I keep these healthy:

Mind:  Pushing myself to achieve all that I can by staying focused on the future, and always acknowledging my accomplishments

Body: I maintain a strict gluten-free diet and balance my diet with fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

Heart:  Knowing that I am loved just as deeply as I love those around me.

Soul:  Keeping my loved ones who have passed on alive in everything I do every day.





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