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Turn Back


As we journey further into this uncertain mystery known as life, it isn’t hard to wonder, what is our center? What is the nature of our being? What is the soul….really? 


Well I’m not going to answer that question, but I will share something I found in pursuit of it.  One of the most profound distinctions ever revealed to me was when I was sitting in my family church listening closely as the pastor caught my ear.  “What is the difference between Conviction and Condemnation?” he asked with the intention of having us look deeper within. 


You see, in any area of life where we yearn for a real change, this is a critical fork in the road. It can be that slight shift necessary in your perspective of reality that transforms fear and failure to blossom into progress. So what is the difference? 


What he explained was that when you feel condemned, you succumb to your fear of helplessness and hopelessness.  To be condemned is to have your choice taken from you.  It is to buy into a reality that you have to stay stuck, and continue to suffer.  Fear, regret and indifference can all stem from the condemned mindset.


On the other hand, conviction lights our way.  Conviction is the simple recognition of where you are right now, and how it compares with where you want to be.  There is no emotional charge.  It does not plunge us it into emotional martyrdom.  You are a slave to condemnation and yet freed by your conviction. 


So when we talk in terms of self-improvement, it isn’t hard to notice those demons that each of us has.  It’s those areas of life where we do feel condemned to failure because we have yet to see change.  It could be that you smoke, or that the weight keeps creeping on, or maybe you just can’t last more than a week in the gym.  But stop…and think to yourself: "When I make the attempt, are the first feelings to arise emotions like excitement and dedication?  Or do I feel anxious and intimidated.  Does the thought of making change bring images of me succeeding and enjoying my victory in the future?"


Herbert Koehler is a certified fitness trainer based in New York. He believes in a balanced, intuitive and common sense approach to nutrition and fitness, realizing that the key to any healthful regimen is a person's reason behind, understanding of, and attitiude towards, change.


Follow his blog or contact him at Make It Work Weight Loss.





Or do you dwell on all the times in the past where you couldn’t make it work?  Because when you break a promise to yourself, a common trap is to keep dwelling on the failure as a form of self-punishment.  But that isn’t the formula for success.  Scared money loses. 


It all starts with the emotions you carry into that area where you truly want change, be it in your emotional life, professional life or in physical fitness. This is where it all starts.  And once you find yourself ready to give it another go, take a step back, and make sure you are choosing the right path.

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