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BY DAVID C. CONRAD  (continued)

Rob Lowe went out on a professional limb and only grossed 15 million. The Republicans went out on a limb, cut it right off the tree of liberty, and then turned this country so far to the right the effect of the Obama presidency will register like a floating tire hitting an oil tanker. The West Wing probably persuaded more people to become Democrats.


So next year when we masquerade as voters let’s hope that that tanker is out of gas, that it’s rudderless and plowing toward the rocks.


Maybe even the Koch brothers can’t buy human hearts, maybe the whole conservative movement is breathing its last. But it’s going to be a while before they drop the mask and radio for help.


And I ask myself when the time comes, what will I do? Not piss on them as they fight the fires they started? Or would I ask WWRLD?


What would Rob Lowe do?


You know, when Masquerade ends, even after he lied and cheated Meg, even after he helped concoct a whole plan to kill her - after his “demise”, she finds out that long before he’d had himself taken out of her will.


I put it to you people. Now that JFK Jr is gone, and now that Donald Trump has proved all things possible in the public arena, working “so grossly in a natural cause that admiration did not whoop at” him, why not Rob Lowe? Why not another actor in the Oval Office, to set straight the damage done by the first.


Rob Lowe…. A New Lowe for the Highest Office?

Parks, Recreation, Pennsylvania Ave?


Rob Lowe….The Masquerade is Over.  



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