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Lace, Grace & Rock 'N Roll

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Immediately after graduating from the Lille School of Fashion Design in 2004, Laure de Sagazan was handpicked as a designer to join the prestigious BA&SH, founded by Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief.

For three years, she toiled her way in this trendy Parisian fashion house, allowing her to examine the youthful sensibilities of the modern woman. Perhaps not surprisingly, such close interaction with this particular demographic allowed her to discover that the world of fashion is of timeless interconnection. The desired styles of a 21st century woman is one interwoven in threads of passing fads, unfading classics, historical and cultural deference and, amusingly enough, influenced by music of the era.

Laure’s initiation to le monde de marriage was a fortuitous accident.  A cousin had begged her to create a wedding dress, complaining that all the wedding dresses are too traditional, too uptight, too “poofy,” or beautiful but completely unaffordable.

Sympathizing, she relented setting her imagination on a more bohemian and modern look that would not be egregiously expensive. Before she knew it, the dress was made and news of its success spread like wildfire by word of mouth. Orders started pouring in, so she decided to take a giant leap to go out on her own.  Pretty quickly, she had completed twenty dresses and was employing three seamstresses!

Since then, she has lived and breathed wedding designs and has not had more than a minute to reflect on her surprising vocation.  “When I left BA&SH I thought to myself that it was a gamble, “ she muses, “but happily, I do not regret a second of it now.”

Laure attributes her design inspiration from many stained vintage dresses and lacework she had unearthed in flea markets. As a child, her parents used to bring her along to thrift shops and flea markets every weekend, and that was when her fascination with vintage clothing began.  At the age of eight she started sewing, and a design was born.  

Simply put, Laure describes her designs as a marriage of lace and rock ‘n roll. She prefers dresses without petticoats because it "gives the dresses a sense of smoothness, movement, fluidity.” 

 “Old undiscovered films, classics, old photos of women… all can hide little nuggets of inspiration, too."  She continues, “Georgette crepe is my favorite, and I love small pearl buttons. I put them everywhere!“. Laure explains  that she spends a lot of time working out the fine details of each dress, making sure they’re both minimalist and elegant.

“For me, I think elegance means not being too obvious. I like that the bride can uncover a layer of mystery through the stages of ceremony. You have a first look that is already surprising and cool. Then after, the top is unveiled and the bride’s look is transformed into something ultra chic, with a bare back that’s minimally covered in lace, for example.  This gentle unfolding is what makes it more dramatic and sophisticated,” she adds. 

In the end, Laure says her excitement and greatest pleasure truly lie in the challenge of capturing the desires, character and personality of the bride, one layer at a time.

No doubt this fast rising designer would be making the dream of a perfect wedding dress come true for many little girls all over the world.  But what does she wish for herself?  “I missed Kate Moss’s wedding already… but  Lou Doillon, Alexa Chung, Clemence Poesy? That would be nice!”

Designer:            Laure de Sagazan

Address:             40, rue du Faubourg Montmartre,

                               75009 PARIS



Photo by:             Laurent Nivalle

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