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Dream now:  To find something I'll be happy doing. I want to actually want to get out of bed because I'll look forward to what my day has ahead of me.

My idea of Romance: I believe romance should be simple. You should find someone you are completely compatible with and all the rest will fall into place.

What melts my heart:
  Knowing the love and care that my mother has for me, and knowing the extents she has gone to make me happy. 

What is beautiful to me: Genuine People. People with beautiful cores and good intentions. I don't think it gets more beautiful.

Everyday beautiful thing: Anything really. When you finally take that moment to breathe and realize that everything is just not as bad as it seems.

Guilty pleasure: Any typical girls pleasure, shopping!

How do I keep these healthy:

Mind:  I'm a firm believer in communication. The only way to keep the mind healthy is to let it all out. Keeping anything in will just drive you crazy!

Body: The simple way, working out. I'm constantly working so my body is being worked at all hours of the day! Also, being conscious of the food you eat.

Heart:  Protecting it until you know it no longer needs to be protected.

Soul:  Enjoying peace, and allowing only good, positive energy into your life. I have learned from many past experiences that negative people only weigh you down. Allowing good people into your life just gives you a whole fresh feel on life.



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