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When not designing rooms, Daun is busy designing furniture and accessories.  She started custom designing furniture when clients needed specific looks, textures, materials, colors and sizes, which were not readily available on the market.  Among her prominent collection is a glass and mirror flower sculpture she lovingly branded Layla Simone, after the beautiful daughter she has with handsome husband and brilliant project manager, Bryan Curry.  If there ever were a rock star type design family, this is it.

Her unrelenting dedication and commitment combined with her undeniable creativity and talent ensure her success.  For the last three consecutive years, she has been nominated “Designer of the Year” by London's prestigious Andrew Martin.  In 2009, Daun was named Vogue’s hottest new designer in its legendary September issue.  She has also been featured in Elle Décor, Vogue Casa, Elle, Vogue and The New York Observer among others.  And for this wonderful interior designer whose love for nostalgia, vintage clothing and estate arts and jewelry are throw backs to the past, the future holds far richer treasures indeed.

How would you describe your design style to someone who has never seen photos of them?

Dramatic Effect, Making the Old New, Harmonious Chaos, Genie-Bottle-Shiek, Organic Glamour, Modern Declaration

What is your dream project?

A glass castle in the sky.

What beautiful thing do you see everyday that inspires you?

My daughter.
What philosophy do you live by?

Well being
How would you characterize a “beautiful design”?

It evokes feeling…. beauty, grit, comfort, nostalgia, luxury…. Simply, it just makes you feel alive.

When not working, how do you like to spend your time?

With my family and friends just laughing, dancing, being silly…

What is your most favorite thing in the world?


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